women to build generational wealth

About Us

Jane Legal is a boutique estate planning firm for women.

We understand the unique challenges that women face in the financial marketplace, and how to navigate them with an eye toward building legacy. For the first time in history, women have legacies of their own to pass down. Jane Legal is here to guide all women, and the men who love them, toward

financial and legal peace of mind.

Our Process

Jane Legal provides so much more than standard estate planning. Unlike traditional law firms, which focus only on producing legal documents, we create holistic plans. We consider the entire picture of who you are, including all the tangible and intangible assets that comprise your legacy.

All of our planning packages include:

Financial Inventory

Guardianship Planning for children and pets

Digital Asset

Recording your stories, values and memories

How We Do It

Jane Legal aims to be your lawyer for life, a trusted advisor for all the twists and turns in your road. We ground all of our services in clarity, convenience, and lifelong relationships.

Fixed Fee Billing
All of services are billed at fixed rates - No surprises

Membership Programs
Ensure your plan stays up-to-date through changes to family, finance and law

Trauma-Informed Counsel
Compassionate guidance through difficult conversations

Virtual Services
Complete all planning from the comfort of your home or office