How to Talk Money with Your Family over the Holidays

The holidays can be a perfect time to bring up conversations around end-of-life, inheritance, and estate planning, if you do it right. But, asking your relatives how they want their money handled when they die might not go over well while opening presents or carving...

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Our Money Journeys

When I was a kid, I would tag along on my mother’s trips to the grocery store. She could calculate, to within a couple dollars, the total cost of a full grocery cart overflowing with cereal boxes, potato chip bags, and toilet paper. She’d grown...

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Losing Our Innocence

As the needle of acceptable behavior moves, many ideas that were once widely held are now being examined. It’s a process in which a lot of us – most, if not all, of us – will stumble and get caught up in our old ideas....

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Is Big Love More Feminist than Barbie?

Before you jump down my throat, I loved the Barbie movie. But it just so happens that I’m rewatching the HBO series Big Love right now, and I’ve got to say that it strikes chords that Barbie just can’t. Barbie just doesn’t or can’t savor...

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